Top CAE training centers : your assisted path to employment

Top CAE training centers : your assisted path to employment

Best CAE training center

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Are you a recent engineering graduate eager to work in the automotive or aerospace sectors? Perhaps you’re already in the manufacturing industry, aspiring to elevate your career. Or maybe, you’re passionate about the design and development of innovative products. If any of these scenarios resonate with you, this blog post serves as your roadmap to success.

While you may hold the necessary academic qualifications, there’s often a skills gap that employers in cutting-edge engineering firms look for. Specifically, domain expertise and software proficiency can set you apart. Quality mentorship with practical industry exposure can make your path smoother.

That’s why we’ve curated a list of top CAE training centers that offer comprehensive training in renowned CAE software like Hypermesh, Ansys, LS Dyna, and Nastran, among others. From course offerings and job assistance to budget considerations, we guide you through essential factors to consider before enrolling in a training program.

The checklist to select the Best CAE training center

Making an informed decision while selecting a CAE training center can be a complex task. Various factors come into play, from course offerings and faculty expertise to placement support. Below is a streamlined checklist that can guide you in making a calculated choice:

1. Review Training Offerings on the Website

Start with the basics. Visit the training center’s website to understand the scope of their course offerings. This provides initial insights into whether the curriculum aligns with your career goals.

2. Course Details and Curriculum

Don’t hesitate to directly contact or visit the center. Inquire about course duration, curriculum specifics, and opportunities for hands-on experience. Some centers even offer mock tests to prepare you for job interviews.

3. Job Assistance

If employment is your end goal, ask explicitly about job placement assistance. Centers often have industry tie-ups and can provide you a gateway into the CAE sector.


4. Online Reviews

Turn to Google Reviews to get an initial sense of the center’s reputation. The reviews can offer both positive and negative insights, helping you make a balanced decision.

5. Social Media Sentiment

Scan LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for any negative reviews or comments. While these shouldn’t deter you outright, they should be analyzed to understand any recurring issues.

6. Testimonials and Peer Opinions

Beyond official testimonials, try to connect with alumni on LinkedIn for unfiltered opinions on the training center. This can provide invaluable insights.

7. Placement Partners

Check who the training center’s industry clients are, as this can be an indicator of the quality and relevance of the training. These are often the companies where students get placed.

8. Budget and Cost

Finally, align your budget with the course cost. While it’s important to invest in quality training, ensuring it’s financially feasible is equally crucial.

By following this checklist, you set yourself on a path to not just any CAE training center, but the one that best suits your professional aspirations.

Here is the list of top CAE training centers in India.

Eleno Engineering Learning Center

  • Training center location : Pune, India
  • Type of training : Online and Offline
  • Google reviews: 5 Star rating with 13+ reviews
  • Key Personnel : Nachiket Phadke
  • Offered course : Hypermesh training for professionals, LS Dyna training for professionals,Advnaced CAE courses with placement assistance
  • Domain : Automotive Seating

The ELENO Engineering Learning Center stands out as a preeminent institution for CAE training, as corroborated by numerous glowing reviews. From industry-oriented course content and hands-on guidance to unparalleled mentorship, the center has received commendations for every facet of its program. Students particularly highlight the customized training approach that prepares them for real-world engineering challenges. Whether you aim to master software like Hypermesh and LS Dyna or seek comprehensive conceptual development, ELENO appears to be an excellent launchpad for any aspiring or established engineer. The mentors, led by Nachiket Phadke and Santosh , are repeatedly praised for their expertise and supportive teaching style. Indeed, the testimonials underline ELENO as a transformative step in the journey toward engineering success.

Niharika Institute of Computational Engineering (NICE)

Niharika Institute of Computational Engineering (NICE) receives high praise for its CAE training programs, particularly in CFD. Students attest to the institute’s robust curriculum, emphasizing not just theoretical learning but also practical application. The faculty, described as experts and approachable, contribute to a stimulating learning environment that fosters critical thinking and problem-solving. With a focus on industry-oriented courses and hands-on experience, NICE emerges as a strong recommendation for anyone serious about mastering CAE skills.



  • Training center location : Chennai,India
  • Type of training : Online and Offline
  • Google reviews: 4.5 Star rating with 4000+ reviews
  • Key Personnel : Suryanarayana Paneerselvam
  • Offered course : Post Graduate Program in CAE, LS-DYNA for Structural Mechanics/FEA
  • Domain : Electric Vehicle(EV), Automotive BIW, Automotive Interiors

Skill-Lync appears to be a subject of polarized opinions. While some students laud the program’s course content, mentorship, and technical support, others express considerable dissatisfaction. Highlighted positives include a focus on real-world applications in courses like EV design for mechanical engineering, and responsive customer service. However, serious concerns are raised about the institute’s business practices, with complaints about the EMI system and refund policy being particularly alarming. Audio quality and session availability also seem to fall short of expectations, given the course’s price point. These mixed reviews suggest that Skill-Lync may offer value in specific areas but also indicate that prospective students should exercise caution and conduct thorough research before enrolling.


Eleation emerges as a mixed bag in the realm of CAE training. On one hand, students appreciate the comprehensive course content, covering an array of analysis types essential for CAE software. Personalized support and effective doubt-solving by the trainers are also cited as strong points. Notably, placement assistance seems to be a compelling feature, with successful placements in reputable firms like Hyundai Heavy Industries. On the other hand, the center faces criticism for its opaque certification process, which apparently requires social media engagement, and inconsistent placement practices. Moreover, some students express dissatisfaction with unfulfilled promises regarding placement drives. Overall, while Eleation offers valuable technical learning and some successful job placements, prospective students should be aware of its procedural inconsistencies before enrolling.

DesignTech CAD Academy

  • Training center location : Pune and Hyderabad India
  • Type of training : Online and Offline
  • Google reviews: 4.2 Star rating with 40+ reviews
  • Offered courses : Hypermesh, Ansys FEA
  • Domain : Automotive plastics, interior and exterior trims, Automotive BIW, Seating system, Electrical wiring harness

DesignTech CAD Academy is met with overall positive feedback for its CAE training program. The course is noted for its comprehensive module that covers all essential aspects of CAD and CAE, backed by experienced professional trainers. Students also appreciate the academy’s learning management system, which is considered effective for gaining knowledge within a limited time. However, the academy receives mixed reviews regarding its placement services and domain-specific training. While some students have successfully transitioned into reputable engineering companies through the academy’s placement cell, others indicate that the academy’s job assistance may not be as reliable as initially claimed. Despite this, the teaching staff earns high praise, making DesignTech CAD Academy a recommended choice for those primarily focused on high-quality training in CAD and CAE.


IFS Academy

  • Training center location : Pune, India
  • Type of training : Online and Offline
  • Google reviews: 4.5 Star rating with 170+ reviews
  • Key Personnel : Sameer Latkar
  • Offered courses : Hypermesh, Ansys FEA, Ansys CFD, Simulia
  • Domain : Automotive plastics, interior and exterior trims, Automotive BIW, Seating system, Electrical wiring harness

IFS Academy receives glowing reviews for its Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) and AutoCAD courses. From a well-structured curriculum to expert guidance by dedicated faculty like Pranali Ma’am, the training program has proven to be both comprehensive and impactful. Students express high confidence in their newly acquired design and drafting skills, which have even led to placement in esteemed organizations. The academy’s supportive management adds to the overall positive learning experience. Those aspiring to become proficient in CAE and CAD software should consider IFS Academy as a leading choice for quality education.


  • Training center location : Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Type of training : Online and Offline
  • Google reviews: 4.6 Star rating with 250+ reviews
  • Key Personnel : Vinod Gupta, Shubham Varshney, Ashwini Kumar Sharma
  • Offered course : Various CAD / CAE courses
  • Domain : Electric Vehicle, Solar Vehicle

ISIE India offers a dynamic platform for both students and faculty in the field of Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE). Known for its enriching technical events, ISIE enables participants to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios. Their PG Diploma course in EV Design and Development has garnered praise for its comprehensive content and has proven to be a pathway to employment. This makes ISIE a noteworthy choice for those seeking practical experience and career advancement in CAE.


  • Training center location : Hyderabad, Telangana, India
  • Type of training : Online and Offline
  • Google reviews: 4.7 Star rating with 75+ reviews
  • Key Personnel : BHARAT CHITTEPU
  • Offered course : Various Ansys mechanical courses
  • Domain : Automotive

As the largest Ansys Channel Partner, CADFEM Group represents a global network extending across Europe, Asia, America, and North Africa, delivering world-class simulation solutions. CADFEM India specializes in coupling engineering prowess with simulation expertise to offer top-tier Ansys software training. Notably, it holds the distinction of being the only Ansys-certified institute in Hyderabad. While the institute is on the higher end of the cost spectrum, its unparalleled quality standards make it a preferred choice for simulation training.


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  1. Eleno is a great choice for fresh engineering graduates in Pune. They teach both the CAE tools and the engineering basics clearly. Plus, they focus on what the industry needs and help with job placements too

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