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Training Modules for Manufacturing and Machining are designed to help mechanical Engineers and machining professionals improve their performance and knowledge by providing them a framework and foundation to understand manufacturing processes, understand their role in a manufacturing environment and how they can effectively execute their job within the manufacturing Industry.

The course consists of 11 modules providing extensive knowledge on various manufacturing processes, machining technologies like drilling, milling, raw materials details, advanced CNC machine and industry 4.0 concept.

Course Syllabus

Module 1
Introduction to Manufacturing Industry and Manufacturing processes Functions, roles and responsibilities, Machining process, Heat Treatments and Grinding.
Module 2
Raw materials - Steels, SS, Cast Iron, Alu, HRSA. Properties and Applications
Module 3
Turning - Lathes, Selection of Tool Holders, Carbide Inserts, Carbide grades, cutting parameters, productivity, Machining Cost and Economics.
Module 4
Milling - Various Operations, Machines, T-Max Cutters, Parameters.
Module 5
Drilling - HSS, Carbide, U-Drills, Machines, Cutting parameters, Quality.
Module 6
Quality Assurance & Drawings - Tolerances, Fits, Limits, Surface Finish, Hardness, Engineering Drawing Symbols and interpretation.
Module 7
Tools Materials – HSS, Carbide, CBN, Ceramics and Diamond
Module 8
Machining Economics, M/c cost, Tool Cost, Production economics
Module 9
Die and Mould machining
Module 10
CNC Machining & Programming
Module 11
Industry 4.0


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DK Mohan
D K Mohan
Guide, coach and train Mechanical Engineering students to make then skilled Mechanical Engineers - Employable & Industry ready.

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