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SOLIZE USA Corporation (formerly known as CSM Software USA, LLC) has been established in 2001 and has long brought value to clients, many of whom are Fortune 500 companies. At SOLIZE USA, we have the capability and the flexibility to find the right solution that has been customized and tailored specifically for our clients’ needs. Our service scope includes Workforce Consulting, Global Engineering Service & Digital Transformation. As an Engineering Managed Service Provider, we bring together our expertise to implement and execute a wide range of distribution and fulfillment models to ensure consistent and high-quality service, while streamlining and optimizing hiring processes. Our global presence will also provide cross-border solutions and offshoring services. In the field of Digital Transformation, we provide software for process integration and multi-discipline design optimization as well as predictive analytics solutions to achieve enhanced productivity.

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Seat Structure Design Engineer
Posted : February 13, 2022

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