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Being farmer-centric at its core, India’s youngest and fastest-growing tractor brand, Sonalika International Tractors Limited has built the World’s No.1 largest integrated tractor manufacturing plant in Hoshiarpur. This world-class plant is fully equipped to manufacture each component required in the making of a tractor- from sheet metal to the whole tractor. Being India’s youngest and fastest-growing tractor brand, Sonalika ITL export tractors to over 100 countries and holds a leadership position across 4 countries. The company in India stands strong as the 3rd largest tractor manufacturing company growing rapidly by providing the best-customized solutions.

With the understanding that each farmer growing different crops have different needs Sonalika offers customized solutions in the widest heavy duty product range from 20-120HP. This farmer centric approach acts as an enabler to earn trust of over 8 lakh farmers globally and being chosen by Govt. of India as a contributing partner with NITI Ayog for doubling farmer’s income by the year 2022.

With the new futuristic plant, a well-equipped state-of-the-art research and development center, consistency in the quality of products and services and with a robust growth year on year, Sonalika is on a path of becoming the No.1 Global Tractor brand.

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Posted : May 8, 2023

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