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BlueBinaries Engineering and Solutions Pvt Ltd
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BlueBinaries, a leader in delivering mobility solutions caters to every demand of next-gen mobility such as software-driven vehicles, zonal architectures, electrification, shared mobility etc. We engineer futuristic technologies and solutions that accelerate the transformation in the vehicle ecosystem with spirit of innovation all around the talent contributing to future roadmap. Led by a powerful core team of leaders who have decades of experience in the automotive space, BlueBinaries has carved a niche for itself as the most trusted partner for top mobility manufacturers in E/E architecture, Digital cockpit, Electrification, ADAS/ Autonomous Driving systems, Diagnostics & EOL, Lighting Systems and Digital Mobility segments. We have come a long way since our inception with an excellent record of customer and delivery excellence which made us stand out in the crowded market. We are a powerhouse of passionate, young, and dynamic automotive enthusiasts who work together as a single process-oriented team to drive the strong value system wherein the rhythm of ‘Initiate. Inspire. Innovate’ resonates at every stage of project delivery. Our commitment to continuous learning and development empowers us to build the future at our state-of-the-art lab and test centres.

A strong value system wherein our rhythm of ‘Initiate. Inspire. Innovate’ resonates with every BlueBee, thus bringing us together to deliver immense value across all functions and places, we are involved. Visit to see how BlueBinaries can help your mobility enterprise navigate through digital transformation.

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Engineer - Diagnostics Design and Data authoring
Posted : October 6, 2022

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